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Do you ever want to delete a file and you know you want to delete it and it bugs you that you then have to go delete from the Recycle Bin?  When you have the file "in your sights" (viewing a list in Windows Explorer or My Computer or whatever), you can RIGHT click on the filename, bringing up a pop up menu that includes the item DELETE.  If you hold down the SHIFT key while LEFT clicking DELETE you will be asked if you want to delete it yes or no (but NOT send it to the Recycle Bin).  REMEMBER, if you now say yes it is gone forever!

As an addendum and YOU MUST BE DOUBLY CAREFUL with this:  you can turn the Recycle Bin OFF.  If you RIGHT click its icon on your desktop a pop up menu will appear with the item PROPERTIES.  One of the properties is to not send deleted files to the Bin.  (You will never know how painful this discovery was.)  I don't know why anyone would do it but there might be conditions for its application.  Just remember to reset it once you've completed whatever project got you there.


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