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While editing a lengthy series of inputs to a web site the other day, I discovered that "select all" (CTL+A) would not work and it was inconvenient to use the mouse.  There is a way to do this using the keyboard.  This is sort of an addendum to the CTL+A, +C, +V (select all, copy, paste) and ALT+TAB (switch tasks). 

You probably know that the END and HOME keys take you to the end or beginning of line.  CTL+HOME or END will take you to the beginning or end of "something" (document, worksheet, etc.).  If you also hold down the SHIFT key while doing the CTL+HOME or END you will "select" (highlight) everything from that point to the beginning or end.  You can then copy or cut and paste that wherever you wish.  If you want the entire "something", first do a CTL+END (takes you to the end of the "something"), then a CTL+SHIFT+HOME and you have done a "select all".  Now you can do the copy or cut and paste and you have it!


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