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Three ways and the best way to use the scroll bar.  The scroll bar is the thing on the right side (is it a right handed world after all?) that allows you to move the current picture up and down.  You can move the picture (or text or whatever) by clicking on the up and down arrows at the top or bottom of the scroll bar.  This will move the image a certain predetermined distance, like three lines (some programs allow you to set that distance).  The second way to use the scroll bar is to grab (click and drag) the little box that appears somewhere between the up and down arrows.  Most "well behaved" programs will move the image as you drag the box up or down (a few will not) and an even better behaved one will display a little box that shows you what page or worksheet or whatever that you have reached.  (WORD is a good example if you have not noticed this, try it.)  Finally you can locate your mouse cursor in the area above or below the box we dragged in the last example and click.  The further away from the box you click the more the image will move with each click.  This is faster than method one and especially useful where the second method does NOT show you where you how far you have moved.  It is a powerful speed scroll. 

The best way to use the scroll bar?  Don't.  If you don't have one, get a wheel mouse.  I paid $40 for my first one about three years ago and just noticed them at Staples the other day for $20.  I got a cordless with TWO wheels (one for up-down scrolling and one for left-right scrolling) at PC Club for $15 just the other day.  They are almost as addictive as Free Cell.  Their biggest drawback is when you use someone else's computer you find yourself stroking the top of the mouse and wondering why nothing is moving.


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