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This week we have (sort of) three tips for the price of one.  If you are into keyboard short cuts (ala CTL+C, CTL+V, etc.) then you will love the March 20 issue of PC Magazine.  I won't plagiarize it all here but it lists every keyboard short cut known to Windows.  I have not tried but you may be able to find it at

There was one that caught my eye.  You are in the middle of doing something with CDs (in my case multiple CD back ups, it could be an install) and you need to insert a new CD.  You would prefer that the autorun program (in my case CD Creator) not start up.  Hold down the shift key while inserting the CD and the autorun will not start. 

Finally, this last item is either tear-stained or curse-laden or both.  For those of you who do back ups, use Outlook Express and assumed that backing up "Windows\Application Data\Microsoft" was backing up all your key files, as it did in Outlook, well, I have bad news.  You must also back up "Application Data\Identities" if you should ever want to recover any of your Outlook Express folders.  (Bill, why do you let them do these things!?!?) PS:  if you sent a message to lately and haven't heard back, now you know why.

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