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When you open My Computer or use Windows Explorer you have a choice of display modes:  large icons (or the "gee, its almost as easy as a Mac!" mode), the slightly more usable SMALL icons, the very dense LIST (our personal favorite), or, for special purposes, DETAILS.  Details shows you the size and type of each file as well as the date that it was last used.  Sometimes these details will help you find a file you've misplaced. 

To control the display mode, select the menu item "View".  From that drop down you will see the four modes. 

However, the modes seem to keep changing in what seems the most unpredictable ways.  Why?  How do I change that?  To set the display mode return to the View menu in either My Computer or Windows Explorer and then select "Folder Options" and then the "View" tab. If your current view is the one you wish to use as the default (such as "List"), then select "Folder View">>"Like Current Folder" and then "Reset All Folders".  Once you done that then a little further down click OFF "Remember Each Folder's View Settings" and finally apply.  Remember that if you do this and you change the view of one folder to, say, Details, then all folders will display with Details until you change back.

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