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Tech tip #13 referred to the "Details" mode of viewing the files and folders on your disks.  The advantage of "Details" is that you can hunt for things by not just the name but by the type of file (such as "doc"), by its size or the date it was last used.   

You can also sort any of the four columns by double (left or "normal") clicking any of the column headings.  Let us say you knew what date you created a file but the list is in alphabetical order.  You can resort it in date order by double clicking the Date column heading.  The first double click will sort the column in descending sequence (newest at top) USUALLY (it depends on what order you left date in the last time you did this).  The second double click will reverse the previous sequence.  Try it with size.  Open My Computer and double click on the C drive icon.  Change View to Details.  Find the Size column.  Double click on it.  The list should now show you all the folders.  After that you should see all the files on your C drive "root" (not in any particular folder) sorted from smallest to largest.  Double click it again and you should see the files listed from largest to smallest (remembering that this sequence may be inverted if you have done this before). 

When looking for files to copy to a back up medium (like a zip disk) and delete to save space, the combination of size and age can be very helpful.

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