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Two weeks ago the tip was about how to change the "View" when using either Windows Explorer or My Computer to look at folders and files.  It included how, in "Details" mode, to sort and resort the columns.  You can also change the width of the columns to make viewing friendlier to your current task.  In Details mode (this also applies to columns - and rows - in Excel, tables in WORD, reports in Quicken and Quickbooks, details on the ACT! tabs, and probably much, much more), if you place your cursor on the small vertical line between heading categories you will notice that it becomes a small vertical line with two little arrows pointing left and right.  Once you have that symbol you may now LEFT click and drag that column to any width you wish. 

You may also (and it once took me a full day and one reinstall of Windows to figure this out) make a column disappear entirely by dragging it completely to the left until it meets it own left border.  To get it back you simply left click and drag it back right.  The question is how do you know you have "grabbed" it?  If you place your cursor a silly millimeter to the right of the now disappeared column it changes form again.  Instead of the small vertical line with the left and right arrows you will now see TWO small vertical lines separated by a thick whisker and the left and right arrows.  When you see that symbol, left click and drag right and the missing column will reappear.  Any place in Windows you see that symbol, you know there is a hidden column (or row) underneath.


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