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I showed someone this trick this week and they said, "That would make a good tip!"  If you are browsing with either Internet Explorer or Netscape (AOL users, see note below) and come across a web page that would be easier to read if you could either get more (reduce scrolling) or less (larger font size) of the page onto your screen you can do that.  With Internet Explorer (5 and higher) go to View then Text Size and from that menu you can select Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller and Smallest.  Your current setting has a dot next to it.  With Netscape, go to View and either Increase or Decrease Font.  With Release 4.77 you can do that with a keystroke.  CTL+]  (right bracket) will increase the font and CTL+[ (left bracket) decrease it. 

AOL users:  I could not find an equivalent tool in AOL, sorry.  Did you know though, that for several releases of AOL now you can use either Netscape or Internet Explorer with AOL?  You connect to the Internet the way you always do but once you are attached, start either of the other browsers and surf with them.  Why?  "Used to be" the AOL browser would not do things that web page developers like to do.  They would test to see what browser you were using and if it was AOL would not do those things.  When you browse with AOL you may not see all that the developer had in mind.

You may also (and it once took me a full day and one reinstall of Windows to figure this out) make a column disappear entirely by dragging it completely to the left until it meets it own left border.  To get it back you simply left click and drag it back right.  The question is how do you know you have "grabbed" it?  If you place your cursor a silly millimeter to the right of the now disappeared column it changes form again.  Instead of the small vertical line with the left and right arrows you will now see TWO small vertical lines separated by a thick whisker and the left and right arrows.  When you see that symbol, left click and drag right and the missing column will reappear.  Any place in Windows you see that symbol, you know there is a hidden column (or row) underneath.


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