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I see this so many times I think that if I could fix it I would change the productivity of the American workplace so much that our economy would totally rip. 

When you tab to or select a field, that field will become "highlighted" (usually black with white characters).  If you press any "character" key now that whole field will disappear and be replaced with the character you keyed.  If you just want to edit the field, first press either "End" or "Home".  The highlighting will disappear and the cursor will move to front or back of the field.  Now, with the arrows keys, you can move within the field, keying or deleting characters as you wish. 

As an example, you've tried to go to "" and your browser has come back and told you that it cannot find "" (note misspelling).  If you click in your browser's search field, the entire "http://" will become highlighted and if you key anything you will be forced to rekey the entire field.  However, if you press Home or End first, you can now "arrow key" to the "ro" transposition, correct it, press enter and be on your merry way.


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