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When you first got your computer or installed a Windows upgrade, the items on your Start menu were in alphabetical order, weren't they?  As you have added new programs and upgrades they have slowly become a mess, right? 

Would you like them back in order?  Click on Start then Programs and place your cursor anywhere on the list of programs that pops up next.  RIGHT click on that list and a pop up menu will appear.  In that menu you will find "Sort By Name".  LEFT click on that and your Start menu will now be in alphabetical order (sort of, the "folder" items will appear before all the items that are not in folders). 

The RIGHT click is often the magic short cut to all kinds of neat things.  Need a synonym while editing in WORD?  Right click on the word you'd like to replace and on the pop up menu that appears one of the items is Synonym (which has no synonym, interestingly).  Before moving my cursor to a menu item, I always right click just to see what happens.  Did you know that most "Windows" keyboards have a "right click" button on the right side of the space bar between the ALT and CTL keys? 


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