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Last week we told you how to re-sort the programs on your Start bar into alphabetical order.  If you are an Internet Explorer user you have very much the same problem with your "Favorites" folders.  If you have, like I did, clicked the Favorites icon and tried to sort the folders, you were not successful.  If you click the Favorites menu item (the list of words across the top that start with "File") and then right click anywhere on the list of folders that drop down, the menu that pops up will have "Sort By Name" on it.  Left click that and your folders are now in alphabetical order.

If you are a Netscape Navigator Bookmark (4.7) user, you don't have this problem.  When you create a new folder or add a "URL" to an existing one, they are added in alphabetical order.  Apparently their programmers anticipated you might want them in that order by default.

If you can do it in AOL (5.0), I could not find it and, as the list of folders in a brand new install of AOL is not in alphabetical order, my guess is you can't do it.  If you've found a way, please share.

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