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The tip...

The following is from a newsletter that I get: 

"There are so many sites on the Web that it's getting difficult for surfers to find what they're looking for. The Internet is supposed to make finding information easier! Thanks to the 20 new top level domains enabled by New.Net, it will be. New.Net makes it easy to register a name with .club, .shop, .mp3, .free, .tech or any of the other new extensions. In a short time, New.Net has grown access to these Internet addresses so that now more than 42 million Internet users can recognize these domain names. Over the next few months, New.Net plans to rapidly increase this number to provide access to millions more." 

Others mentioned in the full body of the message include .fam, .law, and .inc.
  There are more beyond these.  

The folks mentioned in the above message who are doing the registering are "" but I am not endorsing or recommending them and I know from other emails I have received that there are others providing the same or similar services (who might offer lower prices).

By the way, if you got bit by the June 1st "sulfnbk.exe" "virus", here is how to restore sulfnbk.exe if you are running Windows 98 and have your Windows 98 CD ROM.  Go to Start/Run and type in "sfc" (System File Checker).  Select "extract one file from installation disk", type in "sulfnbk.exe" and click start.  In the next screen browse to the folder "win98" either on your CD ROM (or your C drive - with disk drives so large now, many people simple copy the "win98" folder onto the C drive so it is always available).  In the "Save file in" box type "C:\Windows\system" (if the C drive and Windows is the disk and folder where Windows resides).  SFC will restore the file and tell you it has done so.  Voila, you are again "whole".


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