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This tip assumes you already know how to use the CTL+A, CTL+X, CTL+C and CTL+V keys to do a cut or copy and paste.  If not, scroll to the bottom of this message for that tip.  

You can further accelerate cut and paste by using the ALT+TAB to switch between open windows. ALT+ the first TAB shows a pop up dialog box with all the open windows.  While holding the ALT down, each subsequent press of TAB will move you to another window.  To switch rapidly between two windows, just do it once (ALT+TAB).  Try it! 

For you ACT! users, CTL+TAB will switch between the open windows in ACT!  CTL+TAB also switches between active Excel windows.  Unfortunately, WORD continues to use the less usable CTL+F6 (does Bill know about that?).  

Almost (and I stress almost) anything you can do with a mouse you can do with shortcut keys.  Windows and most programs have a help item that describes the keys and how to use them.  The ideal is to be able to do what you want to do next from the place where your hands currently are (the keyboard or the mouse). 

For those who are not already familiar with cut and paste via key stoke:  CTL+A = "select all", CTL+X = "cut", CTL+C= "copy" and finally CTL+V = "paste".  A typical usage:  I want to create a long e-mail and I want to do that in WORD and then send it, not as an attachment but as a regular e-mail.  After the message is all nicely typed and spell and grammar checked I open my e-mail program, open new message and then ALT+TAB back to WORD.  In WORD I do a CTL+A and the entire document is highlighted.  I then do a CTL+C (copy) and then ALT+TAB back to the e-mail program.  Then do a CTL+V and all the contents of the WORD documents are pasted into the e-mail program.  Careful with any fancy formatting, you will usually lose it in the e-mail program.


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