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This tech tip is a bit of a "mea culpa" or perhaps better described as an "oops" or an "awsh..".  Also it about a virus that only applies to Outlook Express users although Outlook users can get the virus.  If you use some other e-mail vehicle this does not apply to you. 

I've told many of you that you can only get a virus by opening an attachment, not through the "preview" pane.  This is not true.  The Wscript.KakWorm can spread through the Outlook Express preview pane.  There is a patch available from Microsoft to fix this.  You should go to to download this patch. 

We believe that all the major anti-virus programs now recognize this virus and all have tools or procedures for removing it. 

Turning off the preview pane is, unfortunately, of limited value unless you intend to stop reading all e-mails completely since the virus could come from your best friend and closest confidant, unbeknownst to them.

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