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By and large, we've been reluctant to recommend products in these tips.  However, if you've been struggling like we have to get Microsoft's Internet Connection sharing to work you might want to try this one.  We installed Sygate's Home Connection network and it works!  Not only does it work but its installation routine did all the configuration work for us!  And got it right!   

After installing the product on the "host"(the machine that actually dials your Internet provider), you create a "client" floppy disk for all the other machines on your network, take that to those machines and run the program on the disk.  Use START>>RUN to navigate to the A: drive and run the program SGLAN.

While initially experimenting with Sygate we were also doing some work for an AOL client and found that Sygate worked with AOL as well as Internet Explorer/Outlook Express.  That was something we could never get Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing to do!

We downloaded an evaluation version of the software from  The evaluation period is 30 days.  We'll let you know if we buy it.  Be sure to explore their pricing before getting "hooked".  There is a home (dial up) and office (DSL) version and the licensing is based on the number of users.  They also offer one year of "upgrade protection" (if a new version comes out, you get it free).

If you decide to try it, we'd love to hear your feedback and whether you decide to buy.


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