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I recently extended email access to all members of a client’s staff and created these guidelines for them.  I hope you find them helpful.  All of these recommendations have to do with preventing viruses and slowing their spread.

  1. The Outlook Express preview pane (the window below your list of folders) should be off and remain off.
  2. Outlook Express should not be set to check for emails as soon as you start it and this setting should remain that way.
  3. Outlook Express should not be set to start when you boot up your machine.
  4. If you leave your machine on all night, close Outlook Express.
  5. Your anti-virus program, such as Norton Antivirus, should be set to check incoming and outgoing mail if it has that capability.
  6. Always run your anti-virus program live update (if it has that capability) before starting Outlook Express.
  7. Unless it becomes too torturous, consider setting on Tools| Options| Security| "Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me”.  Unless the virus writers have already figured a way around this, it will stop a virus that is trying to send to everyone in your Address Book dead in its tracks.

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