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Technical tip #47, February 3, 2003: What to do with the disk drive in your old computer

I am asked this question so frequently that when I saw this article I thought you all might like to read it.   The advice is sound.  To see it, click the link below:,10738,2909552,00.html

What we do is move our old hard drives to our new machines.  This makes copying any files we want to transfer, mail stores we want to import, address books, etc., etc., much easier.  We leave the drive there until we are comfortable we have not forgotten anything.  Then, depending on the size of the drive (big enough by today’s standards to be useful), we do what is called a low level format and store it away for a customer emergency.  If the drive is not big enough to be of any further use we drive a nail through it and throw it away.  Anyone who can get data off that drive deserves to have it.


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