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Technical tip #49: Internet browser BACK button.

I just love these little tidbits I find laying around my software that have been there for years, unnoticed, and are great productivity aids.

I can’t – really I can’t – recall who told me about this one but it is wonderful.

If you use Internet Explorer you may never have noticed the little “down arrow” next to the BACK button (you may have one next to the FORWARD button as well).  If you want to go back to a page you have already viewed you do not need to step back through them sequentially, you can click the little arrow and you get a list of the pages you’ve visited and you can click the one you want! Marvelous, isn’t it!

Once you go back, the arrow on FORWARD becomes active and you can use it to pick the place you want to go.

I’ve checked out Netscape (Release 7), Opera (also 7) and AOL (also 7).  Netscape and Opera are pretty much exact replicas of Internet Explorer.  AOL is different but close.  If you click the down arrow in the address box next to the RELOAD button you get a list of pretty much all the pages you’ve been to recently.  Not quite as handy but not too bad.


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