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Do you know that when you are viewing files either in an "Open File" dialog box, from "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" you can change the size of the columns or resort any of the columns whenever you want to? 

To do this, first you have to change the "view" to "Details".  Try going to "My Computer" and opening or double left clicking on the "C" drive.  On the top menu select "View" and then "Details".  You should now see four columns, "Name", "Size", "Type" and "Modified".  If one of the columns too small or too large to let you see what you want you may resize it by placing your mouse cursor on the dividing line between any of the columns.  It will change to a small bar with arrows sticking out of each side.  You can now left click and drag the column edge wherever (almost) that you wish (be careful not to make the column disappear altogether, getting it back is a little tricky!). 

You can sort on any of the columns by placing your cursor on the column heading and double left clicking.  Each double click will resort the column in the opposite (ascending or descending) order as the previous double click.  Try the Date or "Modified" column.  When you first double click it you will (probably) get the dates from the oldest to the newest.  Double click again and you get newest to the oldest. 

When I think know what folder I put something in but cannot remember the name I gave it, looking by date is often very helpful.  Hope you think so too.

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