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Technical tip #51:  June 30, 2003: Email entitled “Internet Security Patch” from “Microsoft”

I received this email today.  Don’t know if you did or not.  If you did, it is a fake and nothing good can come of running either of the programs attached to it.  Delete it from your Inbox, delete everything from your Deleted Items folder and then run a Compact Folders – kidding really, although you should do all those things from time to time anyway.  The message originated from the following email address  If there were a way to pay this joker back without giving him my email address I would. Maybe we could all go to Yahoo, open a new email account and send this guy about 15,000 bogus emails each.  Ah well, it will turn out someone highjacked fxrr etc. from some poor innocent bystander and we would make that poor guy’s life miserable.  Forget the counter attack, just delete the message as soon as you get it.

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