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Technical tip #52, August 14, 2003: Follow up on the Blaster worm.

Thanks to the speedy work by Microsoft and others (Dell and Emachines, perhaps others) most of you infected by this worm were able to rid yourself of it.

I would like to make two further suggestions: 

  1. You might consider getting a firewall.  If you use Norton Anti-virus, my preference is Norton Personal Firewall.  Zone Alarm Pro continues to be highly recommended in the trade press.  You might try the built in firewall in XP.  I do not know if it would have prevented this infection but its price is right – free.
  2. I’ve noticed on at least one XP machine that even though the Microsoft patch freed the machine of all symptoms, Blaster remains in the “start up” list.  Symantec ( is offering a removal tool.  The link to the removal tool is on that page (

Note: I was unable to connect to the CHKTRUST tool mentioned in the removal tool instructions.  I ran the removal tool on my machine anyway.  Even though I did not get the worm, I wanted to verify that that is a safe procedure. It appears to be.


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