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Technical tip #57, November 18,  2003: Google and some neat ways to use it.

If you don't know about Google, we'd like to know how you get Internet service at that rock you're living under.  Seriously, if you haven't used it, go there right now:  If there is a better search engine, let us know, we will try it and publicize it.

That is not the real point of this tip, though.  We wanted to share three experiences with you that we had with Google.  They might prove useful to you someday as well.

We were working at a client's machine and trying to install an older printer.   The software was misplaced and this printer was unknown to good old Windows 98.  We navigated the HP web site to what claimed to be the drivers for this printer but every time we tried to install the printer it would bellyache and moan and  say this was the wrong software.  Finally, we decided the drivers must be somewhere on the Internet and tried a Google search.  Google found them in less than a second - on the HP web site!

Item #2:  Our trusty camcorder started to misbehave and the manual recommended the cleaning tape, available from  Well, we searched high and low, clicking here and there and getting nowhere.  Once again, Google to the rescue. is divided into tools, accessories and parts and if you make a fundamental mistake about what category you want to look in, you're goose is cooked - without Google.

Item #3:  This has happened so often it is now our standard operating procedure.  Virus scan shows you have w32.quisling.a and you want to know how to remove it.  Search for "w32.quisling.a" and you won't get a hit.  Try "remove w32.quisling.a" at Google and you will go right to it (if it exists).

Why an external search engine can find things on someone's site better than their own is only proof of the power of Google.  Try it, it works.

PS: We are not on anyone's payroll - but we could be persuaded.


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