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When you fill out a form on the Internet, you know one of those things that asks you to enter your name, email address, etc., do you get a little drop down menu that stands as a growing tribute to your inability to spell or type without trasnposing a few characters?  Maybe this is something only those of us with multi-syllabic last names know about.  There are two ways to clean up that list.  The first is to edit the System Registry.  You are on your own there, but if you need help reinstalling Windows when you are done, I am available.  Way #2 is much easier but will take a while (depending on how long that drop down list is).  Merely select one of the bad entries and BEFORE leaving the field, correct it. 

For instance, one of my favorites is "".  I can select it, revise it to the correct spelling and tab to the next field.  Since that entry now matches an existing (and correct) one, it is removed from the list.  Next time, I correct another and another and soon, voila!, they are all gone.

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