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Technical tip #65, December 12, 2005: Backing up Windows XP Home Systems with Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Chapter 2.

Since we stopped leading these tips off with “You did back up your system this weekend, didn’t you?” you’ve probably stopped backing up on a regular basis.  Shame!

Despite our first initial success with the Wizard as a backup method, two subsequent experiences and reviewing the problems of others in the Windows XP newsgroup at and several hours on the phone with Microsoft technical support, we must tell you that this method is much too problem-plagued to be relied on to backup your system.

While we still heartily encourage you to run a Clean up and create a system restore point before backup, if you are a Windows Home version user, you need to find and install a good backup program. 

If you pay about a $100 for that program, the cost of Home and a backup program is close to the cost of XP Pro – which comes with a backup program!

We recently worked with a client who took our recommendation to purchase an external hard drive for backup.  They purchased an Iomega.  The Iomega came with a program called Automatic Backup Pro.  It was simple to set up and to run it all one need do is make sure the system is on and the Iomega is attached to the system at the time you designate for backup.


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