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As promised last week, this week we'll tell you what folders you should be backing up if you want to insure that your backup includes your address book.  Nothing is more devastating that having to recreate you hard drive after a crash or a Windows reinstall and discovering you've lost your address book and contact with hundreds of people you've spent years collecting e-mail addresses for. 

As much as I loathe doing this there are several caveats that I must point out:

  1. This information applies to Windows 98 and ME.  I THINK it is valid for 95 but my memory fails me and I don't have a functioning 95 around anymore.  I have not verified it with 2000.
  2. I do not have access to Eudora Pro or Lite and cannot help you there.
  3. It is valid with Netscape 6 but I cannot confirm any earlier release.
  4. It is valid with AOL 5.0 but, again, I cannot confirm any other release.
  5. With AOL it depends on the folder you installed it in (a bit).
  6. With Outlook and Outlook Express it assumes you have created the address book and or Contacts in the default location.  If you have changed that all bets are off. 

If you're still with me, here goes: 

For Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape 6 make sure the folder "C:\Windows\Application Data" is included in your back up procedures. 

For AOL the folder that contains the AOL address book information is called "organize".  Somewhere on you hard drive that folder will appear as a "subfolder" of a folder called "America Online X.0" where X is the release of AOL you are running (4, 5, 6 etc.).  Usually but not necessarily this folder is "in the root" (no other folder between it and the C drive) but it might be in "Program Folders".  If you know how to use Find Files and Folders, find "organize" wherever it is and make sure you are backing it up on a regular basis.


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