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Once again this is a response to a "Hey, how do I" and, once again, there is the loathed disclaimer:

  1. This information applies to Windows 98 and ME.  It does not work for Windows 95 and is one of the biggest reasons to consider migrating from 95 to 98 or ME.  I have not verified it with Windows 2000.

How does one clean up all the junk that accumulates on one's hard drive over time? 

Not hard, really.  Open (or double click) "My Computer".  RIGHT click on the icon for your hard drive (usually "C").  On the pop up menu that appears, select (left click) "Properties".  On the pop up dialog box that appears next, select "Clean Up".  Windows will take a few seconds (or longer if you havent done this in a while) and then tell you how much space you can save by eliminating temporary Internet files, downloaded files, files in the recycle bin, and more.  You can then select the ones you want to delete and click "OK" and Windows will delete the files as you directed. 

Interestingly, running Clean Up from time to time also seems to help performance.  I have theories as to why but am not really sure.  When things begin to get "sticky" I always try Clean Up first.


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